Guideline Revision Process

This is the first public revision to these guidelines. So we do not have a revision process published yet. We will follow up as the guidelines evolve.



If you have a specific concern, point of discussion, or have a major update to make to this repository, please submit an issue.

If you have any minor updates (language, consistency, graphics), feel free to submit a PR to the master branch here.


Formatting changes (Writers/Admins only):

  • In GitBook UI switch to master branch

  • Make changes through gitbook UI

  • Publish

Creating a new release (Writers/Admins only):

  • In GitBook UI switch to master branch

  • Edit as a draft

  • Press on the current version

  • Create a new release

  • Use semver to get the next version (v[major].[minor].[patch])

  • Use the same value for name and path

  • Make this version primary

  • Save & Publish

  • [Create githut release?]

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