DNS Example

Requirements Specification

(derived from SDD/Goals):
  1. 1.
    The DNS contract shall allow any user to register a name that has not already been registered to another owner. (sha256[:3] is c84d)
  2. 2.
    The DNS contract shall reject any request to register a name that is already registered to another user. (sha256[:3] is 35a4)
  3. 3.
    The DNS contract shall allow the owner of a domain to change the resolved address. (sha256[:3] is e532)
  4. 4.
    The DNS contract shall allow anyone to perform a lookup of a registered domain’s resolved address. (sha256[:3] is fffc)


/** @title DNS Registrar */
contract DNS {
// Store the owner of a particular domain
mapping(string => address) public domainOwner;
// Store the resolution of a particular domain
/// @imp fffc `public` provides access method for domain resolver
mapping(string => address) public domainResolution;
/** @title setDomainResolution Allows user to set resolution for address
* @param _domain Domain name as ASCII string
* @param _resolution Address domain will resolve to
function setDomainResolution(
string _domain,
address _resolution
/// @imp c84d Check if name has been previously registered
if (domainOwner[_domain] != 0x0)
/// @imp 35a4 Reject if domain has been registered to another user
require(domainOwner[_domain] == msg.sender);
else // domain owner is unset for this domain
/// @imp c84d Keep track of newly registered domain
domainOwner[_domain] = msg.sender;
/// @imp c84d Allow user to set resolution for newly registered domain
/// @imp e532 Allow user to change resolution for a domain they own
domainResolution[_domain] = _resolution;