The guidelines have examples to give the reader the context into exactly what is being described. The examples are complete, self standing GitHub repositories. In each repository there are appropriate documents in the ./doc directory,the contract code is commented with requirements and heading comments. There are tests in the ./test directory that test the requirements and tool outputs of the various development tools to be used (still in development). The code complies and the test execute properly.

Crypto Zombie Example

The largest example in the guidelines uses the first Crypto Zombie. It covers the first five lessons on learning Solidity programming. Each lesson has its own documentation and test set. This allows us to show examples of change management as the code base changes from a simple app to a complete decentralized game. These examples are still under development.


This repository includes an example application created for the EyhBerlin hackathon in September 2018. The application is not complete but certain aspects of the documentation, especially the architecture files provide high quality examples of the documentation.

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